Germicidal UVC Troffer Series

With ToroMesh® LED Technology


We designed a slim and stylish UVC troffer housing that can be easily resessded in suspended ceiling or suspeded with cables.

Our UVC troffers work with ToroMesh® LED lighting technology, a cost efficient and easy maintainable solution for large LED lighting systems.
UVC Wavelength 269-275 nm
Power / Wattage 25.2W 46.2W 50.4W 92.4W
Intensity Output Per LED 18,000 μW/cm²
LEDs Per Unit 42 77 84 154
Input Voltage 100-277vAC
LED Driver 36W / 12vDC
60W / 12vDC
60W / 12vDC
100W / 12vDC
Unit Weight
exluding cover
12.21 lbs / 5.54 kg 12.68 lbs / 5.75 kg 18.78 lbs / 8.52 kg 19.53 lbs / 8.86 kg
Dimensions 23.75" X 23.75" X 2.56" 47.5" X 23.75" X 2.56"
Frame / Casing 6063 T5 Aluminum, Anodized Sandblast
Louver (optional) Eggcrate Chrome Plated (polystyrene) or Aluminum Extended Mesh
Cord Length 25cm standard or custom lengths

Louver / Light Diffuser

UVC is absorbed by almost all material around us. We experimented and researched materials that will reflect UVC light to expand its reach in a given area while using decorative egg crate louvers. Apart from aluminum, chromium and alumina have excellent reflective properties. Our egg crate louver is made of High Impact Polystyrene and vacuum plated alumina which gives our UVC troffer a modern and appealing look.

*Egg crate Louvers will reduce the radiant flux (intesity of UVC) by about 30%+. Longer exposure time will be necessary for disinfection. An alternative cover for our troffer would be an anodized aluminum expanded grill.

ToroMesh® UVC LED Strips

We used our own patented LED lighting system and fitted them with high quality UVC LED chips emitting UV rays between 265nm-275nm wavelengths.

This lighting system is unique, versatile and easily maintainable.

ViroBeamm Simulator

Online Simulator

We developed an online simulators for all ViroBeam® products to make it easy to calculate the UVC dosage (μW/cm² X time of exposure) required at different heights and radial distances from the source to the area you want to disinfect.

The values obtained using the simulator are calculated using both the Inverse Square Law Formula and Lamberts' Cosine Law to calculate UV intensity. Additionally, we conducted our own tests using UVC sensors and meters to measure Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) at specific distances to calibrate the simulator further.

Click here to view simulator.
Virobeam UVC products are not sold in Canada. Please contat us for more information for Canadian sales.
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