Germicidal UVC High Bay Lamp

Powerful & Stylish

UVC UFO High Bay Lamp

When UVC exposure with high intensity is needed in area with high ceilings, our UVC-UFO-380 high bay lamp is the ideal solution.

The UVC-UFO-380 is equiped with 170 LEDs and emits UVC light wavelengths at 260nm-270nm. With a beautiful design, this product can be customized to be used as a light source only.

We made the same stylish LED high bay lamp with non-UVC LEDs. The HB-UFO-380 is equipped with 330 LEDs (Samsung 2835) and emits over 49,500lm.
... UVC-UFO-380 HB-UFO-380
LED Type 3535 SMD / UVC 265-275 nm 2835 SMD / 6500k / not UVC
Power (Watts) 220W 200W
Radiant Flux / Lumen 1533 mW 49,500lm
Input Voltage 100-277vAC
LED Driver 120W / 12vDC CV 200W / 12vDC CV
Unit Weight
exluding cover
5.9 lbs / 2.7 kg
Housing Aluminum, Black Powder Coated
Diffuser Lens No Lens PMMA Lens
Cord Length 1 meter standard or custom lengths
ViroBeamm Simulator

Online Simulator

We developed an online simulators for all ViroBeam® products to make it easy to calculate the UVC dosage (μW/cm² X time of exposure) required at different heights and radial distances from the source to the area you want to disinfect.

The values obtained using the simulator are calculated using both the Inverse Square Law Formula and Lamberts' Cosine Law to calculate UV intensity. Additionally, we conducted our own tests using UVC sensors and meters to measure Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) at specific distances to calibrate the simulator further.

Click here to view simulator.
Virobeam UVC products are not sold in Canada. Please contat us for more information for Canadian sales.
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